We are all about  this week! We have heart shaped sugar cookies, heart shaped sandwich cookies (raspberry or chocolate) and Heart shaped ice cream sandwiches! (Shortbread, Strawberry ice cream, half dip in chocolate!)Feel the love between now and Valentines Day (next Tuesday.)

Cookies: $2.25

  • Chocolate Chip cookies with walnuts (DF)
  • Oatmeal with mixed berries (vegan)
  • Peanut butter (plain and with chocolate) (DF)
  • Lemon Almond Olive Oil cookies (DF)
  • Hazelnut Biscotti (DF)
  • Florentines (DF)
  • heart-shaped sandwich cookies (chocolate are DF)
  • Sugar cookies
  • French Macarons $2.50 each
  • Heart-shaped ice cream sandwiches (DF available)
  • Ice cream sandwich cookies $7 (DF available!)


  • Chocolate with Tart Cherry or Mocha Buttercream$3.75
  • Vanilla with Lemon-rose or Raspberrry $3.75
  • Carrot Cake cupcakes $3.74
  • Frosted cakes of the same (other flavors available for frosting) (ex small (2 layer), sm, med, or lg) $25/$36/$48/$60
  • Vegan chocolate cupcakes (vegan) $3.75
  • Flourless chocolate cake (DF) $18
  • Flourless chocolate cupcakes (DF) $5
  • Cakerons (DF) $4.25
  • Orange Almond Cake (with or without chocolate) $16-$28 (DF)

Pie/Bars/Sweet Breads:

  • Tart Cherry OR Peach Pie $25
  • Cherry  Cobbler (vegan) $5
  • Chocolate Bread pudding (DF) $4.25
  • Millionaire Bar $4.25
  • Meyer Lemon squares (DF) $4.24
  • Cranberry-Meyer Lemon Tea Bread (DF) $11
  • Raspberry Scones $4(sat only)


  • Butternut Squash soup $11/$6 (Vegan)
  • Quiche (Tomato, spinach, olive, goat cheese, OR Seasonal Vegtables) $25
  • Pot Pies (Org free range chix & veg OR Veg) DF filing available.) $8-$20
  • Calzones (veggie) VEGAN $12
  • Pizza (new flavors and vegan options) $18
  • Empanadas : Broccoli & Cheese, or Black Bean (DF) $7

Buyers Club Bread: (Only Buyers Club members can preorder for Friday after 4:00 or Sat after noon)

  • Sourdough (Loaf or baguette) (Vegan) $10/$6.50
  • Challah  Loaf or rolls  (DF) $10/$3

Please email orders to Cupcakes@violettegf.com. Thank you!

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