With 100 degree weather expected this week, we’ve planned a melt free menu. No frosted cakes/cupcakes except by special order and not a lot of chocolate. But lots of new savories this week! We’ve also tried freezing some of our cookies and they are delicious frozen (like the triple chocolate brownie cookie) and also cake pops which taste like ice cream pops. So we will have some frozen cookies (they don’t really freeze, they are just super cold and firm) and frozen cake pops at the markets!  Perfect for a hot day!


  • triple chocolate brownie cookies
  • lemon sugar cookies
  • chocolate chip with nuts (DF) and with hazelnut toffe (not DF)
  • french macarons (fig (DF), salted caramel,  homemade nutella)


Frosted cupcakes by preorder only this week due to heat. (Persian Love (cardamon-saffron-rose chiffon cake saffron rose buttercream and fresh sugared rose petals), chocolate or vanilla with ganache or fresh fruit buttercream (kiwi or strawberry).  You can pick up at our kitchen or we can bring to market and keep under ice until you pick up. At the farmers markets we will have a very limited amount of:

  • cake in a cup (larger cupcake with cored out middle filled with our homemade nutella/buttercream frosting
Cakes: (all cakes available by the slice! ) **
Frosted cakes by pre-order only–see note above re flavors.
  • lemon-lavendar almond cake (DF)
  • cherry almond cake (DF)
  • french apple cake (we can make DF by preorder only)
  • french apple pear cake
Other, Sweet:
  • brownies with homemade salted caramel inside
  • pear/frangipani tart
  • homemade nutella tart with hazelnut toffee topping or with fresh raspberries
  • cranberry nut orange tea bread (DF)
  • lemon blueberry bread (DF)
  • banana nut muffins with nutella
Other, Savory:
  • savory sm brioche with mushrooms and onion
  • curried empanadas
  • lunch size Mediterranean brioche (tomatoes, olives, feta, fresh basil mixture inside)
  • savory tarts (chèvre, onions, garlic, arugula, tri-colored peppers)
  • cheddar loaf sandwich with goats gouda and vegetables


  • brioche (med and large)
  • sweet cheese brioche with (various toppings)
  • english muffins (vegan)
  • cheddar-herb  loaf
  • sandwich bread (Pain de Mie)
  • teff bread
  • french bread (DF)

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