What’s Baking (week of March 19th)

Easter and Passover are both coming up next week and we will be making some special items for your special day(s) Coming up next week: Cheesecake plain and with fresh fruit (we might try our hand at a sheep’s cheese version as well)–all gluten free, of course.  We will have both a flourless (almond flour only) and flour version of our crust.  We will also do a frosted cake with our own easter egg truffles on top. Limited quantities of these items so preorder please.  For passover we will also have our full complement of almond cakes: orange, chocolate-orange, lemon-lavendar and apple. For a list of ingredients (so you can be sure, as we are not passover experts!) email us please. Sorry, we aren’t a kosher certified kitchen.  Again, we bake these in limited quantities, so if one or more is a must have for you, please preorder. . . Now, for this week:


  • chocolate chip (DF=dairy free)
  • lemon almond cookies
  • chocolate amaretti cookies (italian almond cookies) DF
  • french macarons (chocolate salted caramel ganache, fig (DF) , caramel apple, and  bluecheese w/ walnuts and raisins (hopefully a sheep’s version, if i can find it)


  • tiramisu cupcakes
  • vanilla with chocolate salted caramel ganache
  • chocolate brownie cupcakes with salted caramel centers (ok, so i’m on a caramel kick–so many different ways to make caramel depending on the consistency you want!)
Cakes: (all cakes available by the slice!)
  • chocolate cake with coconut cream cheese frosting (contains macadamia nuts)
  • vanilla cake with chocolate caramel ganache frosting
  • flourless chocolate with Gran Marnier liquor and bittersweet glaze
  • orange almond cake (DF)
  • orange-chocolate almond cake (DF)
  • lemon-lavendar almond cake (DF)
  • lemon poppyseed pound cake with lemon-violet glaze
  • French apple cake/ apple-pear cake
Other, Sweet:
  • blueberry lemon zest  bread (DF)
  • cranberry orange bread (DF)
  • banana nut bread with chocolate chips
Other, Savory:
  • lasagna with w fresh gf spinach pasta (original or meat versions)
  • butternut squash and winter root veg quinoa crumble
  • pot pies (veg,  veg & chicken) (dairy free this week! both veg and veg and chicken)
  • 9″ vegetable quiche (caramelized onions, mushrooms and baby potatoes) (Sheeps and goats only, DF base)
  • Gf/dairy free (df) soups:  cream of butternut squash & fresh ginger, cream of mushroom, cream of tomato,
  • savory sm brioche with mushrooms and onion


  • brioche (med and large)
  • sweet cheese brioche with (various toppings
  • english muffins (vegan)
  • cheddar-herb  loaf
  • sandwich bread (Pain de Mie)
  • teff bread
  • country buttermilk bread
  • french bread (DF)

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