What’s Baking (week of Oct 1) (if not raining!)


  • Chocolate chip cookies with dried cranberries and toasted pecans
  • French macaron ( chocolate-citron and Carmel-apple)
  • Fingerprint cookies with fresh raspberry jam
  • Apple with pain d’epice creme
  • Brown butter sweet potato with mascarpone and lavender honey
  • Flourless chocolate with bittersweet-honey glaze and rose-lemon french creme
  • Chocolate brownie with our homemade carmel inside
  • pumpkin coconut bread pudding with toasted coconut and pecans and spiced maple drizzle
  • blueberry chèvre, chive and walnut muffins


  • French apple cake
  • Apple cake with with pain d’epice creme
  • Flour-less chocolate
  • European style lemon poppy cake


  • plain brioche
  • chocolate brioche
  • honeycomb brioche with pine nuts and almonds
  • sweet cheese brioche with raspberry, cherry, or blueberry homemade conserves
  • English muffins
  • cheddar loaf (rolls and loaves)
  • Sourdough boules and baguettes
  • French bread

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