Please send orders to: We need 3 days notice for frosted cakes.

We are cycling out of a lot of flavors. So stock up if any of these are your favorites as we won’t have them again until next year. We will have a small amount of Almond Joy bars and S’Mores this week. Ditto the broccoli & Cheese and White Bean empanada (changing to spinach &cheese, and curried vegatable). And the Lemon-Ricotta Crostata  (which will become the Brie filled pastry). We will also soon be changing the Pesto Pizza.

Cookies: $2.35

  • Chocolate Chip cookies with walnuts (DF)
  • Oatmeal with cranberries (DF )
  • Peanut butter (plain and with chocolate) (DF)
  • Lemon Almond Olive Oil cookies (DF)
  • Hazelnut Biscotti (DF) $2.50
  • Vegan oreos and Animal Cookies (vegan) $2.50
  • French Macarons (various flavors) $2.75
  • Ice cream sandwich cookies $7 (DF and vegan available!)(Organic)
  • Ice cream brownie sandwiches $7 (DF available!)


  • Vanilla with Key Lime French buttercream  $3.90
  • Vanilla with Blueberry-Earl Gray Italian Buttercream$3.90
  • Chocolate with Fresh Fig French Buttercream $3.90
  • Chocolate with Cookies & Cream Italian Buttercream $3.90
  • Frosted cakes of the same (other flavors available for frosting, including chocolate, vanilla and lemon) (ex small (feeds 2-3)$27, sm (feeds 4-6) $38, med (feeds 6-9) $50, or lg (feeds 10-14)$63.
  • Vegan Chocolate cupcakes with Coffee Ganache (vegan) $3.90
  • Flourless chocolate cupcakes $5 (DF)
  • Cakerons! $4.25 (DF)
  • Orange Almond cake, Plain or with Chocolate Swirl and Chocolate glaze (DF) $18-31

Pie/Bars/Sweet Breads:

  • Key Lime Pie OR various berry Pies (All DF) $26
  • Seasonal fruit cobbler (Vegan) $5
  • Peanut butter-Banana Brownies (DF) $4.50
  • Caramel Pecan Shortbread bar $4.50
  • Tart Lemon squares (DF) $4.50
  • Triple Ginger Tea  Bread (DF) $11
  • Cinnamon Rolls Or Garlic-Parmesan Rolls (DF) $4.25 (Sat only)


  • Quiche (Swiss or Chèvre,  broccoli or  other seasonal veggies ) $26
  • Lemon-Ricotta Crostata with Spring vegetables. (DF version available) $12
  • Calzones (veggie) VEGAN $12
  • Pizza (roasted tomato and garlic or Pesto (vegan options) $18
  • Empanadas : Spinach & Cheese, or White Bean with Kale (DF) $8

Bread: (Available Thurs-Sat in afternoon)

  • Bagels (poppy, sesame, or everything (no onion/garlic) $3.5/$35doz
  • Sandwich Bread with/wo fresh Basil and tomato  (DF) $11

Please email orders to Thank you!

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