Your requests, lasagna and dairy free pot pies

Anyone have a hankering for something in particular this week? If so, let me know by Monday night, as we post the menu on Tuesdays. Sky is the limit (ok, not sky, but anything we’ve made before. )

We have one veggie lasagna left. First ask, first given. We won’t be making lasagna this week, but probably will make some next week–but not promising. I am going away for three days the week of the 9th (St Augstine Florida, please be warm and sunny for me!), so we have to see how crazy it is when i get back. If not then, the week after!

Up this week is dairy free pot pies (veggie, and chicken and veggie). We make these in limited supply–because for one, the dough is harder to make, and it sometimes sets me cursing. But since i’m also a dairy intolerant gluten free (and veg) eater, i make them. Its a labor of love (and cursing). But if you want to order, please do so before Weds, because otherwise, what we make is all we will have for the next few weeks, given the lasagna-ing and florida-ing, not to mention all the work that goes into negotiating a lease on a new space. 🙂

FYI, for those of you craving an even bigger pot pie than our 30oz, let me know. We might have found a good larger round aluminum tin. The tall rectangular ones were really causing me to pull my hair out because it is really hard to stretch a gluten-free dough up those tall sides. Our kitchen is so much more peaceful on pot pie making days since i’ve given that shape up. (Except for our special order people–you know who you are–who like just a top trust. Easy-peasy in that case to make the tall rectangular version! )

Have a happy gluten free week.


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