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We are still looking for counter person 3 days a week (12.5 hrs)

We are still looking for someone to work Thursdays and Fridays 11-3 and Sat 1-5:30. Primary responsibility is to wait on customers. But there will definitely be some opportunity to learn gluten free baking when it is slow, including assisting bakers by “mising” ingredients, scooping and baking cookies, frosting cupcakes and the like.

Must be congenial, with a good memory for details. Life experience and being gluten free both big plusses!

Pay is $12hr + % of shared house tips. Send resume or cover letter of relevant experience to We are looking for someone who will commit to staying at the job, not just a temporary worker. Thanks!

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Change of hours for the next few weeks

We will be open at 11:30 on Weds and Thursday for the next several weeks while we get fully staffed again. Thanks for understanding!

Also, we are looking for a counter person. Hours are Tuesday 12-3, Wed-Friday 11-3, and sat 9-1. Should have some counter experience (bakery, cafe, restaurant). Bonus if you are gluten free. I am interviewing this week so send your resume ASAP to with brief cover letter about why you would be good for the position. Will have some opportunity to learn some basic baking.

Thank you!


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Christmas Menu!

Wow, i can’t believe Christmas is upon us so quickly. Here are the specialty items for  pre-order:

  • Chocolate Pecan Pie or Pumpkin Chiffon Pie $27 (DF)
  • Bouche Noel  $60
  • Meyer Lemon Tartlets with sugared cranberries $7
  • Cranberry-Meyer Lemon Buckle (cross between upside down cake and cobbler)$20/$31 (DF)
  • Chocolate or Vanilla Coconut Divinity Cake  $36-63
  • Flourless Chocolate Cake (DF) $20/$31
  • French Apple Cake $20/$31
  • Family Size Chicken & Veg or Veg Pot pies $25/$30
  • Cookies from around the world! $2.35
    • Zimstern (chewy almond cookie) DF
    • Italian Pignoi cookies (DF)
    • Pecan sandies
    • Christmas cookies (vegan)
    • Thumb print cookies
    • Gingerbread cookies (DF)
    • Peanut butter blossom cookies (DF)

Please order by Sat, December 16th! Thank you! We will be open Sunday, Dec 24th from 11-2.

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Pot Pies are in Stock!

Lol, i forgot to mention Pot Pies are in stock. The organic free-range chicken is going fast. We have the chicken with veggies and the veggie this week. Next week we will add in a vegan version. They are DF.


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Holiday Joy = Giving to a local Homeless child

We are sponsoring Holiday Gift Giving for 5 Single-Mom Homeless families in a local shelter. Starting this week, our “refugee” tip jar will be a collection jar for these 5 homeless families. We will use the tip jar money to purchase items that are not donated. Please consider sponsoring one  or more of  these children or families for Holiday Gift Giving. I have put together an Amazon Wish List for home items and a few toys to make it easy for you–but feel free to buy any wish list item yourself. There are many requests for Gift Cards.  If you can’t make it into the bakery, you can donate HERE  to my charity and specify which child or gift the donation is for. We will deliver a box of bakery treats for each family, along with their wrapped presents (we can wrap for you) on Christmas Eve! If you want to help with this project — collecting, keeping track, wrapping or delivery, please let me know!

These are all families who hope to have their own home one day. We are working with Cross Street Shelter (a single women family shelter) where a previous employee has volunteered at for the past 2 years. Trust me, JOY comes from giving generously to others in need!

Family 1:

LaToya (26 year old female): (amazon wish list) (i added various choices)

  1. Gift card to marshalls
  2. Gift card to target
  3. Cups, bowls, plates, silverware

Ke’Mani (5 year old male):

  1. Toys that help with learning, specifically the alphabet

Family 2:

Makeda (Adult Female) (amazon wish list w various choices)

  1. Gift card to Amazon
  2. Gift card to Marshalls
  3. Gift Card to Ulta
  4. Pots and Pans
  5. Bowls, Plates, Cups, Glasses

Ashlynn (2 year old girl)

  1. Leap frog tablet
  2. Toys (educational)
  3. Gift card to old navy
  4. Gift card to gap

Family 3:

Bergica (Adult Female) (amazon wish list with various choices)

  1. Gift card to amazon
  2. Gift card to marshalls
  3. Gift card to Stop n Shop
  4. Pots and pans
  5. Silverware
  6. sheets, comforter, pillowcases (1 twin set, 1 full set)

Angelica (14 year old girl)

  1. Tablet (amazon fire)
  2. Gift card to ulta
  3. Gift card to target
  4. Gift card to marshalls

Family 4:

Carolina (Adult Female) (amazon wish list)(i added various choices)

  1. Gift card to Amazon
  2. Gift card to Marshalls
  3. Gift card to Stop n Shop
  4. Bowls, Plates, Cups, Glasses
  5. Silverware

Cristal (11 year old girl)

  1. Gift card to clothing store
  2. Pants size 11-12 girls
  3. Shoes size 5 womens
  4. Barbie dolls

Jereiwi (4.5 year old girl)

  1. Gift card to clothing store
  2. Size t-4 girls
  3. Shoe size 9 kids
  4. Educational toys
  5. Barbie dolls

Family 5:

Charise (Adult Female) (amazon wish list w various choices)

  1. Gift cards to Amazon
  2. Gift card to Stop n shop
  3. Sheets, comforter, pillowcases (2 twin sets, 1 full set)

Christopher (8 year old boy)

  1. Hot wheels race tracks
  2. Gift card to Target
  3. Gift card to the Children’s Place

Ava (4 year old girl)

  1. Barbie Doll
  2. Baby doll
  3. Gift card to target
  4. Gift card to the Children’s Place


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Yom Kippur Challah

We will have Challah on Friday, Sept 29th, for Yom Kippur by preorder only. (Our bread this week is English Muffins and Harvest Loaf.) Please have your orders in by Tuesday the 26th at the latest. Thank you! The loaves are $11 each.

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